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Montessori and Reggio

The main purpose of a Montessori education is to provide a carefully prepared, stimulating environment that will help children develop an excellent foundation of independence and love of learning. In our program, a carefully planned series of successes builds upon inner confidence of your child, assuring him that he can learn independently. These confidence building activities contribute to your child’s healthy emotional development.
We also incorporate our proprietary, Reggio inspired enrichment curriculum known as DaVinci Kids. Our unique curriculum includes the philosophy that allows your child to express themselves in over one hundred different languages and we afford them that opportunity. DaVinci Kids, provides many ways for your child to participate in group projects, to ignite their curiosity and creative skills and to research anything in their world that interest them. Our curriculum focuses on creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Our afternoon enrichment occurs after the Montessori work cycle.
The combination of the Reggio and Montessori programs reinforces and strengthens the image of the child as a competent, creative and curious person. Through DaVinci Kids, there is an abundance of creative outlets and social interaction during arts, engineering and science activities.